मूवी टिकट ऑनलाइन पर पैसे बचाने के 8 बेहतरीन टिप्स
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10 great tips to save money on movie tickets online: – Who doesn’t like to save extra pennies, especially on movie tickets? With the increasing number of film releases every week, the price of movie tickets has also risen sharply.

But this did not stop filmmakers from watching their favorite films and enjoying cinematic bliss. However, everyone cannot afford it. Thus, various offers and coupon codes come in handy. Using them, you can get huge discounts and many benefits.

But this is only possible if you book movie tickets online. To help you save money here, we have listed some tips you can follow to save on online movie tickets.

Tips to save money on movie tickets online

1. Skip the weekend

Most films are released on Thursday and Friday, so movie tickets are usually expensive on several days and weekends. It is a good idea not to book movie tickets on weekends; instead, you can plan a weekday. The price of movie tickets gradually decreases with the passing day, and when you find it at the lowest price, book it.

2. Select an early or late night movie session

Compared to the rest of the day, new movie screenings are cheaper, making them a better time to save money and watch your favorite movies. The same goes for the movie. It is rather cheaper than other evening shows. However, make sure you book your tickets online in advance to avoid last minute problems and price increases. An entertainment ticket portal such as BookMyShow allows you to book movie tickets in advance, and you can use the Bookmyshow offer code today to save money.

3. Look for Cashback and Reward Points

Bank cards, such as debit cards, have many advantages. One of the advantages of using debit cards is that you get a cash back and points for the transaction. This may surprise many, but you can certainly save a lot of money on movie tickets through debit and credit cards. For each transaction, Rs. 100, you get a few points, all you have to do is score your points. These points are valid only for a year.

4. Use wallet offers

When booking movie tickets online, you will receive many wallet offers. E-wallets such as Paytm, Amazon pay, Mobikwik and other e-wallets regularly submit wallets. You must be smart enough to pick the best deal and use it when booking your tickets. Make sure you have an account on all the digital wallets listed above so that you can receive notifications of the latest offers and receive the best ones. To avoid late crashes, make sure that your bank account is synchronized with the electronic wallet that you intend to use for payment.

5. Stay tuned for exclusive offers.

Online movie ticket reservation platforms such as BMS offer exclusive offers such as BookMyShow Paytm. Using this offer, you can get up to Rs. 150 cashback when booking 2 movie tickets. You can also use the free “Buy 1 and Get 1” ticket when booking through digital wallets such as Paytm and Mobikwiq. Do not wait further. Book your tickets now and get interesting offers.

6. Visit the official sites of online movie booking platforms

It is recommended to regularly check the official website of mobile booking platforms. Electronic portals regularly submit offers and deals. You can see all the offers and choose the best for yourself. In addition, when ordering movie tickets through these applications, you can select your preferred locations and enjoy your favorite movie with family and friends.

7. Visit coupon websites

Online coupon sites such as Grabon, Coupondunia, Freekaamaal, TalkCharge and many others offer a wide range of offers and offers. All you have to do is visit these sites and look for relevant offers. Sometimes online coupon sites also offer cashback, which you can use another time to book tickets. These sites

8. Register at Theater Online

Buying movie tickets on movie booking portals may be convenient for you, but there is a chance to miss the best deal. To get the most out of the deal and save more, you can register at the nearest movie theaters online and receive regular newsletters. Follow them simultaneously on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. When booking a ticket directly at the theater there will be no hidden or additional fees, and you can get special discounts or a free service.

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