शॉपिंग मॉल और इनडोर में Top 5 खुदरा व्यापार के रुझान

Top 5 trends in the retail business in shopping centers and shop windows: – the growth of the business of kiosks and shopping centers in the premises, the growing popularity of the business,

However, in order to determine the best and most suitable business, you must conduct proper market research and find our retail market rules in malls.

A lot of new business comes into the spotlight, while a classic business just loses its shadow.

Here we have 5 of the best ideas in the retail industry. I hope I can give you a useful guide.

# 1 Customization Will Be Hot Trends

“We hope to see more customization options, which means giving the customer the opportunity to structure their product,” says Louis.

“For example, it could be a denim shop that lets you change a new pair of pants, or a snack bar where you can make pizza or a serving of mixed greens.”

Chat and Nike offer an individual shoe plan to order, while in the nearest institution, if you don’t have a 24-hour menu, you can prepare pizza, from the choice of base to any mixture of side dishes (gourmet or sweet).

Providing customers with the opportunity to take responsibility for their purchase as such means that they can get exactly what they need, so there is no doubt why this is a template that needs to be developed.

# 2 More people are contacting local or nearby

We are very pleased to see the localization. “Localization has evolved into a worldwide development where customers support brands and products from their region / country,” says Louis.

This implies, unlike longing for imported brands, and customers will look for products that they have happily developed at home,

from neighboring creators, artisans and organizations. Think proudly about South Africans, and how chic local succulents and unique stalls have begun to evolve in recent times.

The positive side project of this pattern is that it revitalizes the nearby economy and stimulates job creation.

It is also an Eco-Model, as it reduces the need to import goods over time and the carbon impression associated with them.

# 3 Research Retail

Research retail is the third model that Louis calls promotion into South Africa’s retail space.

She clarifies: “Trial retail is when retailers and restaurateurs try something new. They go beyond the standard to test their customers’ responses. ”

Buyers are besieged by the promotion of messages throughout their conscious existence, which has made them truly adept at ignoring most of them.

That is why ordinary, non-standard thoughts are your most obvious opportunity to really make people see and remember your image.

# 4 Innovative motion

The template will probably not surprise you, given the wild progress that we are currently discovering in innovation.

“Gradually, retailers use innovation to simplify simple things, like paying for things,” says Louis.

One of the models we have seen in South Africa (and around the world) is the evolving access to the Touch and Go platform or paid wireless.

This enables customers to touch the initiated bank card to the compensation point in order to make installments without waiting for embedding, reading the card or even entering their PIN code.

They say bots for helping the customer, artificial consciousness (AI) to make purchases according to taste characteristics,

computer reality (VR) for researching items before you get them – these are just a couple of other potential ways that innovation can simplify and improve retail.

# 5 Online Life

Today it is a social relation to society. No one can get rid of this, and vice versa, people are addicted to it; everyone is deeply immersed in the sea of ​​the Internet and the Internet.

Louis predicts that retailers will gradually use social networks to communicate with their customers – “However, expect brands to use something other than Facebook,” she adds.

Instagram for purchases is Instagram, with its new Instagram Shopping Shopping feature, which allows customers to buy products found in the photo with a simple navigation button.

In addition, as 80% of its customers follow the brand, this appears to be a new promising online business path.

In any case, social networking websites can also be used to foster brand commitment, manage customer request time (once again, think, chat)

and for “social customization” – following what customers say about your image in order to show signs of improving your feelings about him and, as a result, how to improve or use it.

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