Android के लिए ऑल टाइम टॉप आर्केड गेम 2019
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The best arcade games for Android: – It doesn’t matter if you have a regular smartphone or gaming phone, many great arcade games for Android are still a popular concept for entertainment. On the Play Store, you always get the latest updates and new arcade games.

Arcade games usually have modest graphics, elegant controls, amazing gameplay and immeasurable sound effects to keep the game fun. With short games and a simple game, arcade games offer you to solve problems.

This is a very exciting and enjoyable adventure that gives players the desire to continue.

Instead of playing with coins, the Play Store provides us with several new arcade games in the form of puzzles, endless runners that cost only time. Here is a list of the top eight arcade games for Android users.

List of the best arcade games for Android

According to Indiashoppers, it gives you the same feeling you gained in the early 90s in a traditional classic brick game in the 1990s.

Honestly, this is a fantastic game for those who know the behavior, fun and entertainment of a classic arcade game. Thus, you do not need to be surprised at the sensations, as in the old days.

This arcade game allows us to switch 10 different interfaces, such as Classical brick puzzle, Classical snake shooting I and II, Classical shooting of players, Classical brick game, Tank classic, Classical race,

Classic frog across the river, Match Three Classic, Racing Classic II, III, Ping Pong Classic and Brick Puzzle Classic II, III, IV, V, VI.

Air Attack 2 – WW2 Aircraft Shooter

This famous arcade game requires you to participate in a first-class aerial combat shooter. Kill enemies by delivering amazing and revolutionary missiles.

In the classic WW2 arcade battle, you need to shoot and launch rockets on the battlefield. Choose a combat aircraft, get the necessary rocket and weapons. Fight enemies and complete various missions.

You will need a lot of destruction due to the complexity of the survival missions. Speaking of graphics and sound effects, you get quality in both sections.

When you fight your enemies, you will get 30 different sound tracks.


This is one of those games in which gamers taste like someone had prepared the most suitable games from classic arcade games and shoved the result into an Android smartphone.

Your tiny square scotch eats flowers, shoots at enemies and tries to find the key, which is the passage through the hidden entrance gate. Like the definition,

we get the most ardent ghost of Pac-Man, Forget-Me-Not is going to distribute the damage happening in the box, get a hidden bonus and run away from the hidden gate.

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Temple run

Temple Run, one of the most popular games on the Android Play Store, is full of fun and entertainment. Call your friends, compete and try to break the record.

The story of this arcade game tells the story of a man who stole a damned statue from the temple, and then he will encounter a creature. Run at every point in the game.

Go through the obstacles. From the bonus, you get access to unlock different characters.

True skate

Play with a disembodied skateboard. Use your fingers to glide around and perform tricks. True Skate is one of the most addictive and addictive arcade games that includes many incredible features. In the latest update of the game,

It comes with various features such as skateboard wear and slow motion playback. In this paid arcade game you initially get a few places, but then you need to buy all the material in the Play Store.

Subway surfers

Who does not know and does not play this game? Subway Surfers is one of those running games that has high ratings. Run, dodge the trains and try to escape from the hands of the inspector and his dog.

You get great, vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay in Subway Surfers. Switch to a crew member if you do not want to run alone.

Thanks to his double double bonus, hoverboard and quick start, this makes him interesting. Collect coins and discover new exciting hoverboards.

One touch rally

Want to play a bright and fresh arcade racing game with one finger. Rally One-Tap Rally is controlled by a single digit, held on the screen to stimulate and release while your car drives automatically.

Win races and get into the ratings. Then you gain access to competition with a strong opponent. You must first take on the slots, and then race without slots. You can apply for a programmer internship to learn about this area.

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