A virtual assistant developed by the search engine Google known as Google Assistant. Which works on your voice command. And with the help of this, you can instruct your smart home devices and smartphones.

Google is increasing its capabilities further by continuously updating it. You could also record and send voice notes in WhatsApp through an assistant. And now, you can also instruct Google Assistant to dial a WhatsApp audio or video call without taking your phone in hand.

To give the WhatsApp video call command, you have to give the command “Hey Google Whatsapp Video John”. You can then choose the contact you want to call. Give you information The ability to send messages and make audio or video calls via WhatsApp really works in areas where internet connectivity is cheaper but SMS / voice calls are more expensive.

This feature is also limited to Android smartphones, as the assistant transfers commands to the Whats app, which is not available for smart speakers and displays.

Will Work Like This

You have to hold the home button of your phone. Then you will see Assistant here. Now you can get anything done by clicking on its mic icon. For whatever work you need to do with Google Assistant, first you have to say OK google.

After that just say your work in the mic and it will do that work for you. If you want to call someone, you can call them by simply saying their name in the mic.

A few days ago Google added Google Assistant the ability to read and reply to WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram messages. And now, the company has announced that the assistant can now make audio and video calls through WhatsApp. Earlier, Google Assistant could read WhatsApp messages, and the app will also encourage you to reply to them. New feature added in Google Assistant

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