Today we will tell you what is Bar Code and how is it used? You have probably heard about bar code but if you do not have complete information about it, then today we will give you complete information.
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What is Bar Code and how is it used?

Today Bar Code has started being used everywhere like any ticket, online website, visiting card, online payment and any similar box will also appear. You must have seen two types of black code prints, one of them in square box and the other in line. It is of two types, QR Code and second Bar Code.
What is QR Code?

Quick Response is the full form of QR code

With the help of QR code, we can take any information at the same time, like if you make any similar purchase and you doubt whether it is the same original or not, then you can take full details with the help of QR code.

What is QR Code?

The QR code appears in square shape, but sometimes the bar code is truncated, so we have a problem taking details, so the QR code has been created, because there is an error connection in it, if it gets cut, then we take the details from it. Can.

If you have looked carefully, three square blocks appear in the corner of the QR code. There is also an error connection to the timing line. The blocks in it are of 4 by 2, which are connected to each other. The number is set in them and we count the number on which there is a black block.

Invention of Bar Code

Barcode was invented in 1949 by josefh woodland. Its format remains in number and line which is used for testing the product and for tracking. If you buy any product, then you should know that whether the product is original or not, we use barcode to check it.

With the help of Barcode, the company can track its product very well and can take its full detail very easily.

What is Bar Code?

The Bar Code shows a line of black & white color, which is made up of vertical lines but has very little information stored in it. If you have stored it once, then you can read it very easily.
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What is Bar Code?

There are some numericle numbers in it which can be from 0 to 9. There are 7 lines inside it, which are black and white. After that it has to be scanned, for which it returns the white line and observes the black line. In this way, we scan it, but keep in mind that the white line that returns to us is 0 and where we observe there is 1, with the help of all these we can read the bar code.

This is a mechanical reading code. In today’s time, barcode has become very important, if anyone does bussiness whether it is small or big, for that you need barcode.

How to create barcode?

If you want to make your own barcode, then you must first go to the link given below. Link
After that you have to write your text which you want to store in your barcode.

Generate barcode

After that you click on Generate Barcode.

After clicking, a barcode will appear in front of you, which you can download and print.

We are showing you a sample of this below.

How to create barcode?

  • Use of barcode
  • On the polythene of medicines
  • Hospital
  • In the examination paper
  • In school
  • In post office
  • In online shopping
  • To share the message
  • In website url
  • To log in mobile
  • On packing of any product
  • Inventory, to track the company’s assest
  • In Consumar Retail Goods
  • In electronic storage


Thus we can say that barcode is very important for us. We hope that you have understood our article but still you have some doubt, then you can ask us by commenting.

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